...we are a modern enterprise
and manufacture a wide range of confectionery products like:
pies, cakes, dessert, cake and cookies lengthen.
We focus on quality and we use only high-quality articles
production on the basis of cream, butter and creams with high-end ...

We focus on the development and production of new and modern products
while maintaining the classic and highly regarded standard,
We are uniting tradition with pleasing design with modern
whilst ensuring no increase in costs and maintain low prices FINAL
power to please the greatest number of our customers.
We have rich experience in the production of layer cakes for all occasions:
wedding , birthday, baptism , communion , and many other important anniversaries
as well as banquets ...

Build to order according to customer needs
and choice for everyone is an individual as:
size, taste, color, decoration, shape, theme etc...

Orders can be placed by phone, e mail or in person ...
No later than two days prior to the date of receipt or delivery ...